UGent @ Work seminar 18 March 2021

18-03-2021 from 15:00 to 16:30
Brecht Neyt
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15.00h–15.25h Presentation Margot Ketels
15.25h–15.35h Feedback discussant
15.35h–15.45h Feedback other attendees

15.45h–16.10h Presentation Bart Cockx (tentative)
16.10h–16.30h Feedback other attendees

16.30h–17.30h Netwerk reception

Presentation Margot Ketels

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Presentation Bart Cockx (tentative)

Title: How does working-time flexibility affect workers’ productivity in a routine job? Evidence from a field experiment

Authors: Prof. dr. Marie Boltz (University of Strasbourg), prof. dr. Bart Cockx (Universiteit Gent), prof. dr. Ana Maria Diaz (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana), prof. dr. Luz Mafalena Salas (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana)

Abstract: We conducted an experiment in which we hired workers under different types of contracts to evaluate how flexible working time affects on-the-job productivity in a routine job. Our approach breaks down the global impact on productivity into sorting and behavioral effects. We find that all forms of working-time flexibility reduce the length of workers’ breaks. For part-time work, these positive effects are globally counterbalanced. Yet arrangements that allow workers to decide when to start and stop working increase global productivity by as much as 50 percent, 40 percent of which is induced by sorting.