VEG-i-TEC Facilities

Research Building

The VEG-i-TEC research building will be erected on the UGent Campus Kortrijk (Graaf Karel de Goedelaan, Kortrijk, Belgium) with ample of laboratory spaces close-by. The construction of the building itself is financed by an EFRO project and Ghent University itself.

 inkom VEG-i-TEC

The research building contains flexible spaces designed as:

  • a process and wastewater treatment hall in the broadest sense and tailored for the entire food industry 
  • a hall for the processing of vegetables and potatoes from harvested to packaged product, to which modular mobile pilots for water treatment can be connected 
  • storage space at different temperatures 
  • fermentation space for solid state and (fed) batch fermenters 
  • supporting analytical/microbiological laboratory



Update - construction

The VEG-i-TEC construction site was officially opened on 4 December.


The construction of the research building is back on track. We hope to welcome you all!