Meet the VEG-i-TEC researcher: Chang Zhou


changZhou_Vegitec.jpgHow do protein-polyphenol interactions affect the foods we consumed?


PhD student Chang Zhou is studying the effect of processing on protein-polyphenol interaction in soymilk. The interaction between proteins and phenolic compounds plays an important role in the quality improvement of certain food products. Protein-polyphenol interaction not only has a beneficial effect on foods during processing, but also has an impact on the digestion fate of phenolics and proteins in the human gastrointestinal tract. By using several food components as model matrices, the comprehensive impact will be given to understand the dynamic alteration in protein-polyphenol interaction in holistic food product as well as its functionality, bioactivity and digestibility. His research is conducted under the supervision of Prof. Katleen Raes and Prof. Imca Sampers.

His PhD program is funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC).