An (aseptic) filling machine accessible to all


PieterJanLoveniers👉Pieter-Jan Loveniers, a PhD researcher at research group VEG-i-TEC at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering UGent (supervisor: Prof. Imca Sampers and Prof. Frank Devlieghere), will test recently developed technological innovations to expand the production and increase shelf-life of affordable and locally produced nutritious food.

More specifically, he is examining the importance of microbiological air quality on the contamination of food products during critical production steps, such as packaging. With sustainability always in mind, he also researches the most efficient way to disinfect renewed or conventional packaging.

Together with partner Scaldopack nvPack4FoodINRAE and Greenyard Prepared Belgium nv the main goal is to validate an (aseptic) filling machine accessible to all.
This PhD is part of FAIRCHAIN_EU, an Horizon2020 funded project which inspires and encourages the EU food system – from farms and processing to packaging enterprises, warehouses, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to strive towards innovative intermediate food value chains that support the scaling-up of small and medium-sized actors, either by providing means for growth or by leveraging the coordination and connection of complementary actors.
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