'Smart WaterUse' launches Water Barometer

(04-02-2022) The Water Barometer is one of the realizations within the Smart WaterUse project. The research group VEG-i-TEC works in this project on sensors for monitoring water quality.

Flanders is one of the regions in Europe with the greatest water scarcity. The situation also poses a threat to our economy.
The SmartWater Use project, financed by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship - VLAIO, is a collective research, development and dissemination project with the aim of mapping and reducing water risks within the food, aquaculture, textile and tourism sectors. 

What is it about?Logo Smart WaterUse Waterbarometer - large.png

This tool provides companies better insight into their water management and proposes targeted optimization actions.
An extensive water balance with all water flows and related costs is presented visually. Also the risks of the water sources are mapped out.  This tool provides the companies an environmental analysis with nearby alternative, sustainable water sources. Suitable treatments are also presented for these water sources. Using the Water Barometer helps companies to select the right measures.

How to use?

The tool was developed during the Smart WaterUse project and is available via this link. This free tool is easy. to use. After requesting and confirming your login and password, you can get started with the different modules. For anyone who would have questions or would like help getting started with the tool, we provide free, one-hour online moments to guide companies and help them complete the Water Barometer tool.

Free online training sessions are also provided to get you started.