Platform VEG-i-TEC


VEG-i-TEC wants to facilitate the implementation of technological innovations for the industry, which are often (too) large or complex to handle themselves.building VEG-i-TEC

Establishing a living lab for the food industry will stimulate the realization and implementation of innovation by providing demo-installations for applied research, training and demonstrations. Next to the construction of different (modular) process lines (processing 100 to 1000 kg/hour), the focus will be on new technologies, water (+disinfection) and energy management, by-products, food safety and (organoleptic) quality, hygienic design and the economic, ecologic and/or social impact.

To this end, UGent can build on extensive experience in the processing of vegetables and potatoes and how this processing affects the quality of the derived food products. The intention is also to be able to carry out experiments with pathogens, level L2. The concept of VEG-i-TEC will reduce the existing gap with the expertise of diverse research institution and enables a faster market penetration.


Concept VEG-i-TEC 

VEG-i-TEC is a flexible and dynamic space that can be used:concept_vegitec

  • For testing of apparatus with applied research; 
  • For training and demonstration: 
                        1. in an industrial or academic/education of students context 
                        2. for internal use or towards machine builders, technology suppliers, and the vegetable and potato processing industry;
  •  To present itself as an accelerator and unique platform for the creation of (new) technology and innovations.


This living lab has been made possible by the cooperation of several national and international partners through three pioneering European projects:

  • EFRO project – Construction of a research building 
  • EFRO GTI WVl project – Laving lab Food-Water 
  • INTERREG FWVl project – Pilot infrastructure 

Other (follow-up) projects are coming. Read more about these on our project page!



The step from the research phase to the implementation of technological innovations is often (too) large or complex for companies. This creates a gap between research and eventual market penetration.

  • VEG-i-TEC responds by setting up a testing facility for food companies, in order to stimulate, to realise and to implement innovation.
  •  VEG-i-TEC provides pilot installations for applied research, training and demonstrations (Living lab). This contributes to new technological developments and brings together the expertise of various knowledge and research institutions.
  •  VEG-i-TEC translates its knowledge into the programmes of (engineering) students or into workshops for companies.