Funding & Partners

  • Duration: 48 months, November 2019 – November 2023

  • Total budget: 2 984 631 Euro
  • Coordinator: Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Biotechnology, Ghent University



The production in the agricultural and food sectors generates vast number of by-products.

Under the current framework of bio-economy and sustainable food value chain, by-products from the agri-food industry can be reused as raw material for value-added products, such as food ingredients, food supplements, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals etc.

The EffSep project brings together three universities (UGent, KU Leuven and UHasselt) and one innovation cluster Flanders’ FOOD, aiming at gaining insights into various crucial processes involved in macronutrients (protein, polysaccharide and lipid) recycled from food by-products, including stabilisation methods, cell wall disruption and extraction techniques.

The project utilises state-of-the-art microscopic and metabolic tools to investigate the impact of different unit operation technologies on cell wall structure and macronutrient functionality, thus achieving optimal yields of such nutrients. Combining the knowledge acquired from biorefining different types of biomass, EffSep will build a decision free from which both academia and industry could be guided towards efficient recycling of macronutrients, using one or a series of unit operation and biorefining techniques.

As a result, the project will facilitate the conversion of waste biomass to molecules which have the potential to be developed into products. With a board of industrial partners who are active in the food and feed sectors in Flanders, EffSep will bridge the gap between research and knowledge transfer to industrial environment. It will accelerate the valorisation of food by-products, contributing to sustainable food supply chain, from farm to fork.