Research group VEG-i-TEC (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering – Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health) at Campus Kortrijk focuses on the translation of theoretical and laboratory knowledge into the concrete situation in companies and provides input to the optimization and implementation of company-specific processes.

Research group VEG-i-TEC has experience with conducting feasibility studies using specific lab- and pilot equipment. Furthermore research group VEG-i-TEC provides support to the interpretation of results and the development of research projects.


The research group VEG-i-TEC focuses on food fermentations, determination of biomolecules, screening of food additives and food enzymes on quality aspects of food, valorization of waste streams, determination of microbiological and chemical quality including risk assessment. Microbiological and chemical analyses can be performed on both food and process water, such as washing water. 


    • Microbial analysis in food and process water in food systems (pathogens, spoilage organisms, yeasts and molds);
    • Valorization of waste streams;
    • Fermentation of food products;
    • Reuse of process water and associated disinfection;
    • Wet-chemical analyses;
    • Identification and/or quantification (ICP-OES, GC-FID, GC-MS, LC-UV, LC-DAD, LC-RI, LC-MS, UV-VIS, Fluorescence) of bioactive and nutritional components including minerals, sugars, phenolic compounds, fatty acids and antioxidants;
    • In vitro digestion studies to evaluate bioavailability of food components;
    • Bioactivity screening (antimicrobial, antioxidative, enzyme inhibiting activities);
    • Enzyme activity measurements and enzymatic testing in food systems;
    • Estimation of microbial and chemical hazards (risk assessment)