ISVM2019 - Symposium 'Prehensile systems in vertebrates: form, function and bio-inspired design'

(15-05-2019) Symposium on biology and biomimetics of grasping systems in vertebrates at International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology (Prague, July 2019)

  • From 21st till 25th of July 2019, the next International Congress of Vertebrate Morphologists will take place in Prague. A special symposium on the evolutionary morphology and bio-inspired application of prehensile systems are being organised, where speakers from five countries will present their work. Topics include tail prehension and hand grasping in vertebrates, like chameleons and mammals, as well as different bio-inspired applications based on elephant trunks and octopus arms. The symposium is organised by Ian Walker (Clemson University), Antony Herrel (Paris Museum of Natural History) and Dominique Adriaens (Ghent University).

The program includes the following talks:

  • Plenary 1: Anthony Herrel (MNHN, France) – Manual and tail prehensile systems in vertebrates
  • Talk 1: Allison Luger (UGent, Belgium) – Tail prehension in chamaeleons
  • Talk 2: I. Maniakas & Dionisios Youlatos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) – Tail prehension in mammals
  • Plenary 2: Ian Walker (Clemson, USA) – Bio-inspired prehensile continuum robot systems
  • Talk 3: Yuwang Liu (Shenyang Institute of Automation, China) – prehensile grasping with an elephant's trunk inspired robot
  • Talk 4: Antonio Bicchi (Univ Pisa, Italy) Soft Robotic Grasping and Manipulation
  • Talk 5: Cecilia Laschi (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy) – Octopus inspired prehensile soft robot


  • Company of Biologists

We had the pleasure of being granted financial support thanks to the Company of Biologists (, which allowed the funding of travel expenses of several speakers.