Within Europe

If you are interested in taking part of your studies within Europe - Erasmus Programme, consult the coordinator of your study programme  (Faculty Commission Internationalisation - FCI) to take care of some practical issues.

Choose your destination


Courses / Master’s Dissertation (30ECTS)

  • Within Europe:
    • 14/02/2021 (1st and 2nd sem)
    • 1/10/2021 (2nd sem)
    • IMBRSea: 15/11/2021 (2nd sem)

Other (summerschool, short internship Europe, study trips)

  • 4 weeks for departure

Research for Master’s Dissertation / Internship

  • Within Europe:
    • 14/02/2021 (1st and 2nd sem)
    • 15/11/2021 (2nd sem)

  • Studies: Each academic year there are 2 application deadline for 'Studies' for Ghent University. Keep in mind that there are no scholarships awarded if you wish to extend your stay abroad. Incomplete or belated files will not be processed. First deadline 14 February 2021 for mobility in the 1st and/or 2nd semester 2021-2022. There is a 2nd deadline (1 October 2021 + 15 November 2021 for IMBRSea-students) for mobility in the 2nd semester.
  • Traineeship: Each academic year there are 2 application deadlines for 'Traineeship'. Incomplete or belated files will not be processed. First deadline 14 February 2021 for mobility in the 1st and/or 2nd semester 2021-2022. There is a 2nd deadline (15 November 2021) for mobility in the 2nd semester.
  • This application process is only applicable to Ghent University. Your file will not be sent to the host university! Each university has its own deadlines, admission requirements and regulations for the exact documentation which needs to be provided along with the application. Before you submit your application, please review the website of the host university.

Incomplete or belated files will not be processed.

Erasmus roadmap IRO

Application procedure

  • Contact the departmental coordinator of your progamme (Faculty Commission Internationalisation - FCI) and/or your faculty contact, Regine Coolen, on time.
  • Submit your application on the Oasis website from 15 November 2020 onwards.
  • Online file includes: OASIS Application, Learning Agreement, Letter of Motivation, Language skills and Contact.

    Remark: Learning Agreement for Traineeships (template), upload in 'Documents'.

    (register via oasis.ugent.be)
  • Language tests: applicants whose native language is not English must document proficiency in English by having completed one of the recognised language tests and obtaining the minimum score or higher. Test results must be uploaded together with the online application.
  • Learning Agreement: Compose your courses. Find the study guide and the academic calendar. Start searching for subjects that interest you. The substitutions of courses in Oasis are not requested for our faculty. Do not substitute your exchange courses with UGent courses.
  • Erasmus Traineeship: In addition to the well-known Erasmus+ Studies, you can also do the Erasmus ‘Traineeship' (internship) during your studies at a European university, company, training center, research center and organisation. An Erasmus Traineeship must be arranged in direct contact with a department or research group. This means that students are responsible for the initial contact to the relevant promotors, researcher or research group and for planning the Erasmus Traineeship.

    Please note that Erasmus Traineeship students are not allowed to sign up for courses.

  • Selection: After the deadline the faculty will select one destination. You will receive an e-mail via Oasis.

Important: All correspondence about your mobility will be sent to your UGent e-mail address.

After selection

  •  Your application will be processed by Regine Coolen and will be sent to the Central International Relations Office (IRO).
  • The Central International Relations Office will check all the applications of all UGent students.
  • During the month of March/April the IRO nominates the selected students (bilateral agreement) at the respective host universities. You will receive an e-mail via Oasis.
  • After your nomination for Studies you may receive the application procedure/link from the host university and extra information about practical arrangements. When you didn’t receive any information from the host university 4 weeks before your departure, please contact Regine Coolen.
  • In case of cancellation of your mobility contact Regine Coolen.

What should you do in the meanwhile?


  • Each host university has its own application procedure. You can prepare yourself for that. Please note: you can only start the procedure at your host university as soon as you were nominated by the IRO (end of March/beginning of April).
  • Consult the host university website as soon as possible to know their deadlines for incoming mobility. If their deadlines are in April, inform Regine Coolen so that your nomination in Ghent can be accelerated.
  • Learning agreement: This is a formal document that has to be signed by three parties (UGent, student and host institution) before departure. Always use the official template of the learning agreement for studies or traineeships.
  • Online Linguistic support. Before and after your stay abroad, you will receive an email invitation from the International Relations Office to do an online language test.

Arrived! What now?


  • You choose a final program within 2 weeks of arrival. Changes can be made via Oasis. Do not forget to sign the document Changes to the learning agreement. Keep in touch with your FCI coordinator.
  • As long as the curriculum is in Draft, you can still make changes to the curriculum (with approval of your FCI member). If the status is "Proposal" or "Approved" , you can forward the changes to Regine Coolen (also with your FCI member's approval).
  • The form "Changes to the learning agreement" can be found on Oasis. This is automatically filled in after import of the changes and can subsequently be signed by the partner. Do not forget to upload the signed version in Oasis!    
  • Please check your exchange curriculum in Oasis (courses, semester, correct name of the courses, etc). All changes must be reported as soon as possible! This data will be visible on your diploma supplement.
  • You will keep the faculty informed of any problems.
  • Consult the Erasmus roadmap to check of all formalities are completed.
  • And for the rest, study a lot and enjoy your stay.

After the exam period


  • At the end of your stay you will receive a "Transcript of Records" of your host university. This is a summary of your achievements during your Erasmus stay abroad. Deliver this document to the FCI member of your programme, preferably with a translation of the score calculation/grading evaluation.  
  • Your score will be converted to UGent points via ECTS grades (listed on the TOR).
  • Please note that scores like "pass" or "fail" can not be converted to our system
  • Passed abroad = passed in Ghent.


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  • For future students, we ask you to complete a survey / report about your experience abroad.
  • Join the photo contest! Send your best selfie to Regine Coolen and maybe you'll win a UGent sweater. Selection 1st semester in March, selection 2nd sem and full AY: July. For privacy regulations, please mention whether we can use the photo for publication.


Scholarships UGent


For each cycle (Ba-Ma-PhD) a scholarship can be awarded:

  • STUDY (min. 90 days, max. 12 months)
  • TRAINEESHIP (min. 60 days)

The same student may receive grants for mobility periods totaling up to 12 months maximum per cycle of study (traineeship and studies).



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