Module 3 - Research and Legal Rights


Dates & Time

Session 1 - Tuesday May 13, 2014 - from 6 pm to 9.15 pm
Session 2 - Thursday April 15, 2014 - from 6 pm to 9.15 pm


Lecture Room V2, second floor, building S9, Campus Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Ghent.


Peter Wauters (UGent, Department of Research Affairs, Technology Transfer Office, TTO) is Senior Legal Counsel Technology Transfer and Legal Counsel Licensing & Contracts at UGent.

An Van den broecke (UGent, Department of Research Affairs, Technology Transfer Office, TTO) is manager innovation management with the UGent-department TechTransfer (UGent TT) concerned with technology transfer.

Technology transfer encompasses all aspects of valorisation and commercialisation of knowledge and technology resulting from academic research, in other words the transfer of academic expertise and technology to the industry.

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Session 1 - How to effectively 'own' an idea –  secrecy, contracts and copyright

The economic value of ideas drives our knowledge based economy. For (academic) researchers, it is very important to be able to deal with the concept of 'ownership' and 'property rights' in ideas (and knowledge). From a legal point of view, 'ownership' of knowledge and ideas is a very curious phenomenon. In the first part of the session we will explore the various ways of engineering property rights in ideas.

Secrecy plays a major role in dealing with knowledge. Every researcher will have to deal with secrecy obligations. The risks and pitfalls in dealing with these (and other) contracts are often underestimated. These obligations can interfere substantially with the academic freedom. The second part of the session will focus on contracts as essential instruments in managing the 'ownership' of your ideas and knowledge.

Information technology (IT) plays a very important role in the research environment. This also means that knowledge and ideas often are obtained through the use of purpose built software or (the analysis of) datasets. The intellectual property of these assets is very specific. Often, the implications of important decisions such as using or creating 'open source'-resources are underestimated. The third part of the session will provide a primer to the do's and don'ts in dealing with software and data.

Dissemination of knowledge touches the mission statement of academic institutions. Hence, academic researchers are pushed to publish as much as possible on their findings. Articles, abstracts, papers, presentations, books,… are the subject of copyright. As an author, but also as a researcher depending on the work of others, it is important to know what these rights are

Session 2 - Intellectual Property

For a lot of companies the use of Intellectual Property is of strategic importance for its growth and the strengthening of their competitive position.

Alternatively, protection of Intellectual Property is often the first step in the valorization of technological innovations created within the knowledge institutions.

Scientists, working within knowledge institutions or industry, sooner or later, will be involved in the creation of Intellectual Property.

A good comprehension of different aspects relating to Intellectual Property certainly is of value for future carriers.

The main scope of this evening is learning about intellectual property, in the broadest sense of the word. Typical questions that will be dealt with in this session are: What is Intellectual Property? How can it be protected (do’s and don’ts) ? What is my role as a scientist? Who is the owner of my research results?  Can I still publish my results? How do you find out if a product or technique is already patented? What about research contracts and confidentiality agreements?

Target audience

Master students, doctoral students and young employees in all scientific branches, such as natural sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, (Bioscience) Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, ...



Fee and Registration

The registration fee amounts to 80 EUR.

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