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How do I contact the academy? How do I register? How can I use the kmo-portefeuille? How do I incororate a training into my doctoral training programme (DTP)? What is the payment and cancellation policy? Who's in your team?


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  • by phone (09 264 44 26, mornings only)
  • Would you rather drop by? Please always make an appointment first via e-mail.

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The registration procedure depends on the type of training you are interested in. Read more...


Our academy is recognised by the Flemish government as a trainings provider. Save up to 30% on the registration fee. Read more...

Payment and cancellation policy


Doctoral Training Program (DTP)

Doctoral students of UGent can incorporate our trainings if specific conditions are met and get a refund of the registration fee. Read more...

Our team


  • Prof. dr. Els Goetghebeur


  • Charlotte De Bruyn

Administrative coworkers

  • Isabel De Zutter
  • Tineke Naessens

Beta Academy

UGent has 10 (inter)facultary Academies for Lifelong Learning. Our academy (IPVW-ICES) en the academy for engineers (Ugain) are working ever more closely together. Soon we will merge into one interfacultary Academy for Lifelong Learning in Beta Sciences.