Micro-credentials are short, competency-based recognitions that allow you to demonstrate mastery in a particular area. They are personalized, flexible and performance-based.

Enrolling for a micro-credential is possible via the central UGent administration only, not via our academy.


In a rapidly changing (professional) context, lifelong learning has become a must. With micro-credentials Ghent University offers a new type of course for a broad group of lifelong learners.

Micro-credentials are short academic programs that meet the high quality standards of Ghent University. Both in terms of content and practice, the development of a micro-credential is primarily focused on the needs of professionals and lifelong learners. The focus of the program is on a well-defined set of learning outcomes. They consist of a limited number of subjects to which credits are linked. For following a micro-credential, your learning account will be used . If you successfully complete the program, you will receive credit certificates for the individual subjects and a recognized certificate that offers clear added value for professionals and employers. Micro-credentials are organized by the 'academies for lifelong learning' of Ghent University.

Our academy (IPVW-ICES) currently has the following micro-credentials on offer.

1. Stars and Planets

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2. Design and Analysis of Randomized Clinial Trials

This is Module 3 in this year's course program in Data Analysis 2023-2024 and is only offered as a micro-credential.


3. Data Analysis in R: Basics and Beyond

This micro-credential comprises the following three modules of the course program in Data Analysis 2023-2024.

  • Module 2 - Getting Started with R Software for Data Analysis
  • Module 6 - Leverage your R Skills: Data Wrangling & Plotting with Tidyverse
  • Module 7 - Dynamic Report Generation with R Markdown


4. Applied Statistics: from Basics to Regression Modelling

This micro-credential comprises of the following three modules of the course program in Data Analysis 2023-2024.

  • Module 4 - Drawing Conclusions from Data: an Introduction
  • Module 8 - Exploiting Sources of Variation in your Data: the ANOVA Approach
  • Module 11 - Explaining and Predicting Outcomes with Linear Regression



Our sister academy Ugain (UGent Academie voor Ingenieurs) also has micro-credentials on offer. Read more...