Training vouchers

Training vouchers - SMB-portfolio

The websites with information about these support measures are in Dutch. We strongly recommend, when making use of these websites, to get assistance from a native Dutch speaker.

Training vouchers (opleidingscheques) for employees

2013.10.15: The courses organized by ICES are no longer recognized in the framework of the training vouchers. If changes occur in this status, it will be announced immediately on this website.

SMB-portfolio (KMO-portefeuille)




  1. First, contact ICES to inquire if there are still places left in the course you wish to take, thus preventing needlessly opening a portfolio.
  2. To keep the administration connected to the SMB-portfolio surveyable, we kindly request to register for the course well in advance of the start via the registration form. Indicate on this form that you will be making use of the SMB-portfolio en state the total amount you requested as well as the date on which this request was made and the number of the portfolio (20 . . /KMO/. . . . . . ). Send us this filled out form by fax, post or e-mail.

  3. ICES is a recognized education provider. Our legitimization code is DV.O 103194. Please mind: Your SMB-portfolio account needs to be opened within a fortnight after the start of the course for which you register. Requests made on a later date will not be accepted.

  4. The person who registered for the course will receive a confirmation mail of his or her registration for an ICES-course via the e-mail address stated on the registration form (or a cancellation e-mail if all places are already taken).

  5. If your request for an SMB-portfolio was made properly, Ghent University will confirm the portfolio electronically within a fortnight.

  6. Subsequently, you can make the online payment to Sodexho (= at least half of the registration fee + the amount for ordered books). This electronic payment needs to be made within a fortnight upon approval of the portfolio by Ghent University. Only then is your request for financial support completed. If one of the steps above is not completed, the request is automatically cancelled.

  7. If all steps mentioned above are performed correctly, Sodexho will make up the difference (= at most half of the registration fee).

  8. ICES will send you the invoice for your registration. Subsequently you can complete the electronic payment for the full amount on the website of the SMB-portfolio. When making this payment, please make sure to state the structured message on the invoice under "titel Project".


ICES reserves the right to draw up a standard invoice for the full registration fee in case the procedure as described on the website mentioned above is not followed properly.