Shuvash Bhattarai - Plant Research Scientist

Nematology - Bhattarai ShuvashName: Shuvash Bhattarai

Study: Master in Nematology

Graduated in: 2003

Job title: Plant Research Scientist

Company: Chemtura Europe Ltd,

Sector: Agrochemical

1. Current position

As a Plant Research Scientist, I conduct research on insects, pests and pathogens, including nematodes. I’m responsible for providing professional scientific support and advice in the area of fungicide, insecticide, Nematicide and acaricide product development programmes, primarily within the EAME region but also globally for some activities.

What attracts me in my job is the wide range of responsibilities and the chance to explore my knowledge to the wider scientific, regulatory and business community across the world. The absolute best thing about my job is getting the opportunity to contribute to feeding the growing population of the world by giving a sustainable solution of pest and pathogens control in order to maximize the crop yield.

To practice this job, it is important to be innovative, confident, independent, and be a good decision maker. Further, you need to have good presentation skills and, naturally, research skills on the wider range of pests and pathogens as well.

2. Career

My career started after completing my PhD. Before, there were very few opportunities in a very competitive environment. Currently, my career is on right track and there is still a lot to learn and achieve.

3. Labour market

There is a high demand for people with a Nematology-degree. Employers especially appreciate our research skills, innovative thinking, good decision making capability and confidence.

4. Choosing Nematology

I choose to study Nematology because of my interest in nematodes at that stage. I knew that nematodes are very important in agriculture but there are only a few experts on Nematology.

I recommend this program to future students, there is still a lack of technical people in this field.

5. Study

My education helped to develop my research skills, build my confidence and a more logical way of thinking.

The best memory from my time as a Nematology-student is meeting with international students and getting to know their culture and different ways of living. I had never seen it before anywhere else.

6. Helping future students

Nematology is a nice course, with a lot of opportunities. Work hard, discuss with tutors and friends if something isn’t clear, be more practical and always focus on what you are doing. There are still a lot of opportunities to well-trained Nematologists.

With regard to job opportunities: Building a network within the scientific community will help you to find a job.