Voorbije doctoraatsverdedigingen

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16-10-2018 16:00 Dewaele, Leonard Neogene seals from the northern hemisphere: a multi-parameter paleontological study of the early evolution of phocidae (pinnipedia)
12-10-2018 16:15 Wutzig, Michael Reproducing kernels in harmonic and Clifford analysis
05-10-2018 15:00 Ouwehand, Judith Functionalized porous (organo) silicas for applications in enamine catalysis and photocatalysis
02-10-2018 15:00 Wang, Guangbo Design of Covalent Triazine Frameworks for Selective Carbon Capture and Storage
01-10-2018 16:00 Stratmann, Tanja Benthic ecosystem response to polymetallic nodule extraction in the deep sea
26-09-2018 16:00 Ong, Ee Zin Behavioral and ecophysiological responses of marine benthos to ocean warming and acidification
24-09-2018 17:00 De Groeve, Johannes A wildlife journey in space and time. Methodological advancements in the assessment and analysis of spatio-temporal patterns in animal movement across European landscapes
24-09-2018 16:00 Bauters, Kenneth 'Scleria revised: a molecular approach towards a new classification'
20-09-2018 16:00 Peest, Peter Modeling the polarization of radiation by cosmic dust
14-09-2018 16:00 Viaene, Pepijn Indoor Landmarks: The study and Implementation of Wayfinding Aids
12-09-2018 14:30 Frank, Daniel Thiolactone derivatives: From Bio-Based Building Blocks Towards Sustainable Materials
07-09-2018 15:00 Hendriks, Benjamin Selfcrosslinking resins and vitrimers using thiol-ene chemistry
03-09-2018 16:00 Andrade Dos Santos, Cátia Sofia Parental foraging strategies, mercury load and offspring development in a coastal breeding gull species
31-08-2018 16:00 01008321, Bart The reactivity of cyclic imino ethers towards cationic ring-opening (co)polymerization: 2-oxazolines, 2- oxazines and 2-oxazepines
30-08-2018 16:00 Sweetlove, Maxime Biogeography, macro-ecology and biodiversity of lacustrine microbiomes
29-08-2018 16:00 Corneillie, Sander Bigger and better: The use of polyploidy and transgene stacking to improve plants for the bio-refinery
24-08-2018 16:00 Vuckovic, Dorde Eigenexpansions and ultradifferentiability
23-08-2018 14:00 Lauwens, Sara The development and evaluation of analytical methods for high-precision isotopic analysis of Cu via multi-collector inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometry for biomedical investigations
20-08-2018 15:00 Klencsár, Balázs Novel methods for quantitative drug metabolite profiling based on high performance liquid chromatography coupled to inductively coupled plasma - (tandem) mass spectrometry (HPLC-ICP-MS(/MS))
14-08-2018 17:00 Van den Broeck, Lisa Building bridges: Unraveling networks at the base of leaf growth inhibition upon mild stress