Noemi Villanova

Position: doctoral researcherNoemi Villanova


Noemi Villanova studied at the Pisa University (Italy) where she obtained her master's degree diploma in "Industrial Chemistry curriculum Materials", and performed her master thesis project at Ghent University within the Supramolecular Chemistry group (SC), under the supervision of Prof. Richard Hoogenboom. In March 2020, she obtained the Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship for the ITN project "Biomolmacs" (HORIZON 2020) and started her research as a Ph.D. fellow within the SC group, in July of the same year.

Research project:

Noemi's Ph.D. project focuses on the development of artificial cellular structures from biocompatible, amphiphilic macro-species, using self-assembly properties. These structures will be obtained by designing di-block poly(2-oxazoline/oxazine)s and phospholipids, which will serve as precursors for the synthesis of polymersomes and liposomes, respectively. The polymeric precursors will be end-group and side-chain modified to allow for specific interactions between the vesicular structures and the targeted cells.