Dr. Valentin-Victor Jerca

Position: postdoctoral researcherDr. Valentin-Victor Jerca


Dr. Victor Jerca is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Supramolecular Chemistry (SC) gruop where he develops multi-functional materials. He received a BS in chemistry (2007), and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from University POLITEHNICA in Bucharest (2011), where his thesis focused on the synthesis of new stabilizing agents for aqueous dispersion polymerization. He then performed postdoctoral research with Prof. Dan Sorin Vasilescu and with Prof. Richard Hoogenboom. Dr. Jerca has a total number of 37 published refereed scientigic articles (h-index 11).

Research project:

His research uses organic and polymeric synthesis to access new multi-functional materials for sensing, detection and light harvesting applications. He is also interested in the synthesis and applications of photoresponsive polymers, including aspects of structure/order-property/function relationship.