Join us at the SVC colloquium 2.0

(09-11-2021) SVC colloquium

The deposition rate during magnetron sputtering is a key parameter for many applications. Good predictions can be made by Monte Carlo modelling of the trajectories of the sputtered atoms from source to their landing position. The output of these models is however much richer in information and gives for example also the energy and the incidence angle of the sputtered atoms. In this webinar it is shown how you get this information using the freeware package SiMTRA. After reviewing the basics of magnetron sputtering, a few practical examples are demonstrated which will enable you to simulate your own set-up and get a deeper understanding of your process.

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Simulated tracks of sputtered atoms
Calculated trajectories of sputtered Cu atoms in cubic vacuum chamber filled with Ar (0.5 Pa).
The color shows the energy of the atoms (black is thermalized).
Note that trajectory B shows an atom that returns to the target.