New paper on thermite reactions


Read our open access paper on the influence of impurities on the reaction front velocity of CuO/Al thermite multilayers.

ABSTRACT : CuO and Al thin films were successively deposited using direct current (reactive) magnetron sputter deposition. A multilayer of five bilayers was deposited on glass, which can be ignited by heating a Ti resistive thin film. The velocity of the reaction front which propagates along the multilayer was optically determined using a high-speed camera. During the deposition of the aluminum layers, air was intentionally leaked into the vacuum chamber to introduce impurities in the film. Depositions at different impurity/metal flux ratios were performed. The front velocity reaches a value of approximately 20 m/s at low flux ratios but drops to approximately 7 m/s at flux ratios between 0.6 and 1. The drop is rather abrupt as the front velocity stays constant above flux ratios larger than 1. This behavior is explained based on the hindrance of the oxygen transport from the oxidizer (CuO) to the fuel (Al)

Link to the paper.