First joint department seminar WE04 & WE06

(20-05-2022) The first joint department seminar with solid state sciences WE04 together with chemistry department WE06

Carmen and Juan in front of projection screenPlease find the flyer for this seminar here.

Exciton and biexciton absorption in colloidal CdSe nanoplatelets (WE06)

Carmelita RodàCarmelita Rodà presented her latest results on light-matter interaction in CdSe nanoplatelets for 2D materials.

Depositing metal oxides on metalcones: Enhancing initial growth through O2-plasma densification (WE04)

Juan Santo-Domingo PeñarandaJuan Santo-Domingo Peñaranda explains the use of plasma to grow oxides on metalcones more effectively, building a stack of waterproof and flexible layers for foldable displays.