Predoctoral researcher wanted at DyNaMat

(09-12-2019) We are looking for a PhD candidate to work on the new SpinENGINE project, composed of 5 partners: UGent, NTNU Trondheim, Sheffield U, ETH Zurich and IBM Zurich

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated PhD candidate to join our team to work on the new SpinENGINE project. This vacancy is a part of a wider European funded consortium composed of five partners: UGent, NTNU Trondheim, Sheffield University, ETH Zurich and IBM Zurich. The SpinENGINE project aims to create a new approach to computing based on emergent properties, i.e., complex, non-linear behavior in tunable ensembles of nanomagnets. This student will concentrate on the numerical modeling of such a nanomagnet ensemble. He/she will explore the emergent behavior in these systems and provide support for the design and interpretation of experiments, based on extensive micromagnetic and statistical modeling. Hereby can be built on the extensive expertise of the DyNaMat group on high performance magnetic modeling using the in-house developed Mumax code (, which will be the main workhorse for this project. The student will also assist in the development of more specific simulation and analysis tools. More information on the desired profile and how to apply can be found here.