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The EMR group is part of the Department of Solid State Sciences of Ghent University and is mainly involved in the study of defects in solids, that are paramagnetic (have unpaired electrons) or that can be made paramagnetic by, e.g., exposure to ionizing radiation, thermal treatment, etc. The application field of EPR and related techniques is therefore very wide and extends far beyond (solid state) physics and includes for instance also liquids and gases. We invite you to have a look on this website at the numerous illustrations of the EMR potential. It will become clear that not only detailed, structural information can be obtained but that also quantitative determinations / applications in dosimetry and dating are possible.

Further on our website, one can discover recent novelties, present and former group members, information on projects, collaborations, facilities, publications, etc.

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The EMR team



EMR is the electronic counterpart of NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). This kind of spectroscopy is particularly suited to detect and microscopically ...


Kwinten Maes wins student poster award @ 2019 International EPR Society (IES).

Expertise EMR group

EPR and ENDOR of synthetic and biological apatites (tooth enamel, bone) : structural and quantitative characterization...


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Present and past collaborations

- Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, COMOC group, Prof. P. Van Der Voort
- Department of Organic and Macromolecular...


- Benelux EPR Society meeting 2019, Delft

XIth EFEPR Conference 2019, Bratislava

- 8th EFEPR Summer School 2019, Brno


- Q-band spectrometer (BRUKER ELEXSYS E500)
- X-band EPR/ENDOR spectrometer (BRUKER ESP300E/ESP353E)