Prof. Freddy Callens (Full Professor, head of researchgroup)


PhD students

Jevgenij Kusakovskij, title of research: "Electron Nuclear Double Resonance (ENDOR) approach for studying radiation damage in DNA"

Kwinten Maes, title of research: "EPR study of materials for detection and validation"

Irena Nevjestic, title of research: "In situ Electron Magnetic Resonance study of coordinative and structural transformations in paramagnetically doped Metal Organic Frameworks"


Former group members, since 2009

Hendrik De Cooman, PhD “A combined EMR and DFT study of radiation-induced defects in sucrose and glucose 1-phosphate

Joke Keysabyl, Master thesis “Bepaling van de g-tensoren van de dominante stabiele stralingsgeïnduceerde radicalen in sucrose

Frank Loncke, PhD “Magnetic resonance study of dopant related defects in X-ray storage phosphors

Mihaela Adeluta Tarpan, PhD “Electron magnetic resonance study of the structure and thermal stability of radiation-induced radicals in fructose and trehalose

Gauthier Vanhaelewyn, PhD “Fundamental magnetic resonance study of materials relevant for EPR applications (dosimetry, dating, food irradiation)

Dmitry Zverev, PhD “Paramagnetic resonance study of rare earth doped K2YF5 thermoluminescent phosphors