Deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS)


Basic instruments:

PhysTech Fourier Transform DLTS equipped with liquid He/liquid N2 crystats (4-600K) and Leybold temperature controller.

Agilent fast pulse generator (pulse length >1 ns) for fast electrical filling pulses.

Laser diodes (900 nm and 1500 nm) for optical filling pulses.


Measurement modes:

DLTS: classical capacitance DLTS using electrical pulse

CC-DLTS: constant capacitance DLTS

ODLTS: capacitance DLTS using optical pulse

CDLTS: current DLTS using optical or electrical pulse

QDLTS: charge DLTS


Selection of recent papers

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“Modeling of capacitance transients of thin-film solar cells: a valuable tool to gain information on perturbing layers or interfaces”
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