Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy

FT-IR VERTEX 80v + Hyperion 2000


Hercules-1 project: FT-IMAGER, a wide-range multi-purpose Fourier-Transform Infrared facility for Materials, Archaeological and GEological Research


Basic instruments:

BRUKER Vertex 80v Vacuum FT-IR spectrometer, with spectral range between 15000 and 10 cm-1 (near- to far-IR).

Hyperion 2000 microscope in the near, mid and far IR.


Peripheral equipment:

Liquid helium cryostats for mid and far IR region: contact gas and cold finger.

Home-built vacuum sample compartment for photoluminescence extension.


Measurement modes:

Transmission – Reflection - Attenuated total reflection (ATR)

Photothermal ionisation spectroscopy (PTIS)