8th South African Conference on Photonic Materials

06-05-2019 08:30 to 10-06-2019 13:00
Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa
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The purpose of the conference is to bring together local and international scientists  who are working on various issues related to photonic materials. Following on the success of seven previous conferences in the series 'Kariega 2019' will take the same general format. In particular, the conference will focus primarily (but not exclusively) on the following material systems:

  • III-nitrides such as GaN, AlGaN, InGaN, etc
  • ZnO and other wide gap materials
  • materials for photovoltaic applications, thermal photovoltaics etc
  • biophotonic contibutions
  • narrow gap materials for mid-infrared applications
  • photonic crystals for fibre applications
  • phosphors
  • nano-materials for photonic applications
  • novel photonic materials (including polymers)

Materials related issues that would fall well within the scope of the conference are the following:

  • crystal growth and epitaxy
  • characterisation (photoluminescence, DLTS, IR spectroscopy, etc.)
  • defect related studies
  • process related issues
  • modelling of materials
  • opto-electronic devices (novel structures, etc.)
  • device modelling and characterisation

A group of international speakers, all experts in their fields, will present invited lectures on topics related to the theme of the conference. The scientific programme will also include a number of oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts, as well as poster presentations. Ample time will be available for the discussion of research results. As the number of delegates will be limited to less than 100, it is hoped that the conference will encourage much interaction, especially between local and international delegates.