International Seminars on Advanced High-resolution 3D imaging

(28-05-2020) The Doctoral Schools course on high-resolution 3D imaging will be organised in 2020 as a series of seminars.

We would like to announce the Doctoral Schools specialist course "International Seminars on Advanced High-resolution 3D imaging for 2020", organized by the Centre for X-ray Tomography of Ghent University (UGCT). The course is aimed at a technical and advanced audience of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers and covers a wide range of topics, all complementary to conventional lab-based X-ray computed tomography imaging. Registration is available via the event manager.

The course will be spread over at least 10 seminar sessions from June 2020 to late 2020, depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the current circumstances, the first seminars will be held through teleconferencing, and physical seminars will be organized whenever this becomes possible. All confirmed speakers are listed on the doctoral schools website.

The first two seminars are the following:

  • Monday June 29th: Seminar by David Paganin on phase-contrast imaging; 9:30 AM.
  • Monday July 6th: Seminar by Richard Ketcham on image analysis of subresolution features; 5:00 PM.

More seminars and dates will be announced through the website and via email to the registered attendees.