About us


The Additive Manufacturing (AM) Platform combines and harnesses expertise within the Ghent University Association (AUGent) on AM/3D printing technologies and its applications, to amplify its impact on industrial, construction, transport, medical and consumer products.

The ambition of the AM platform is to combine multidisciplinary knowledge, expertise and infrastructure in order to  enhance the community within AUGent that can benefit from these promising manufacturing technologies. The platform rests on 3 pillars in which AUGent excels today:

  1. Strong expertise in materials and 3D printing processes;
  2. Expertise and infrastructure for testing and modelling;
  3. In-depth knowledge of a wide range of AM end applications.


Our mission is to support and facilitate the valorization process for state of the art AM materials, technologies and applications, developed at AUGent. Moreover, we want to guide and support researchers in finding suitable internal or external partners with complementary expertise and capabilities.


This platform is part of the Industrial Liaison Network of AUGent and is funded by the Industrial Research Fund (IOF).

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