Brewing Science & Technology Research group

Research domain

The Laboratory for Brewing Science & Technology focuses on product and process optimization.

The brewery has a capacity of 70 L, ideal for the preparation of your test brews. The laboratory has the following fermentation capacity: 2 x 50 L, 1 x 200 L, 1 x 300 L.

Brewing laboratory with home-made "Bijloke Bier"We offer physicochemical analyses for barley, malt, raw grains, wort, hops and beer. In addition to these standard analyses, sugar determination with HPAEC-PAD and the determination of total nitrogen and protein content of wort and beer are also routine analyses. Besides, we are specialized in the microbiological control of beer and yeast. Microbiological analyses of beer are therefore also offered. Furthermore, we can help you develop procedures for storage, washing, propagation, identification, differentiation and quality control of pitching yeast for main fermentation and secondary fermentation.


Contact information

Please contact professor Jessika De Clippeleer for more information.