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Research themes

ForNaLab investigates forest and grassland ecosystems in temperate regions to provide advice for policy and management. The research projects of the lab are clustered around four research themes.

1. Biodiversity – ecosystem functioning

Observational and experimental studies on the link between biodiversity and ecosystem functions such as growth, nutrient cycling, and pest and disease control.

2. Impacts of global changes

Studies focusing on the impact of land-use change, fragmentation, elevated atmospheric deposition and climate change.

3. Ecological restoration

Bottlenecks and recommendations for nature restoration and conservation.

4. Management for multiple ecosystem services

Development of management strategies for the optimal delivery of multiple ecosystem services.


ForNaLab studies the interactions between the ecological processes, composition, structure, and management of terrestrial ecosystems in temperate regions.

1. Forests

2. Semi-natural grasslands

3. Agro-ecosystems


Current projects

Finished projects


Research funding

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