Jean Aimé Ruticumugambi


Evy Ampoorter

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Department of Forest and Water Management

Forest & Nature Lab

Geraardsbergsesteenweg 267

9090 Gontrode, room 0.04

+32 465 36 10 09


Research interests

  • Importance of biodiversity for ecosystem functioning
  • Object-based image analysis for environmental landscape studies
  • Terrestrial laser scanning to study vegetation structure and biomass
  • Terrestrial ecosystem ecology, vegetation-atmosphere interactions
  • Vegetation dynamics, carbon and nutrients cycling in forest ecosystems
  • Multiple (interacting) global change drivers on (plant) communities
  • Optimization of ecosystem management for ecosystem service delivery

Research projects

  • Landscape scale impact of agroforestry on (functional) biodiversity in Rwanda




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