Funded by: Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds (Ghent University)
Researcher: Jewan van den Berg
Promotor: Niko Verhoest
Short name: REMSCALE
Begin date: 1/10/2009
End date: 30/9/2013


The objective of this project is to investigate the spatial scaling of remotely sensed soil moisture and rainfall based on different remote sensing products. The project aims at developing a methodology which allows for up- and downscaling of remotely sensed observations, and to assess the uncertainty in the obtained products. Deriving scaling laws and modelling the uncertainty on scaled products are both of uttermost importance when such data are applied in hydrological model studies.

Within this 4-year project different research items can be discerned.
Concerning soil moisture:

  • Scaling based on in-situ measurements
  • Hydrogical modelling of soil moisture fields
  • Remote sensing of soil moisture based on different sensors with varying spatial resolution
  • Investigation of sub-pixel statistics
  • Derivation of scaling laws and assessment of uncertainty

Concerning rainfall:

  • Analysis of different spatial rainfall products
  • Derivation of scaling laws for rainfall
  • Modelling missing data based on rainfall observations at different spatial resolution
  • Modelling uncertainty on scaled products