Research projects


Current projects

  • Improving home garden soil fertility management to enhance nutritional security among rural homesteads in Vhembe (Limpopo, South Africa)
  • Quantification of consequences of soil compaction on water transport through a soil (Belgium)
  • Quantification of coarse dust emissions in the Ghent Canal Zone and the Port of Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Physical quality of subsoil of grass and artificial turf courts (Belgium)
  • Sustainable Management of Marginal Drylands (SUMAMAD)
  • Environmental impact and agronomic potential of termite mounds in the metalliferous zone of the Katanga (Congo)
  • Research capacity building project: Center of Technical Knowledge for Crop Production Modelling (Thailand)
  • Technology development for improving soil fertility, crop yields and food security on small-scale farms in Western Kenya
  • Implementing novel technologies for the spatial inventory of soil quality (Sri Lanka)
  • Soil organic matter management for improving the agricultural production of degraded soils around Kisangani (Congo)

Past projects

  • Assistance in the finalisation of the pedological map of Burundi
  • PROSENSOLS (Protect our soils): Sensibilisation of the broader public on soil degradation and the development of measures to protect agricultural soils

Doctoral research

Current doctoral research

  • Multi-tracer methods to determine soil redistribution in function of soil conservation, sustainable production and environmental protection (Belgium) (Nick Ryken, Ann Verdoodt, Pascal Boeckx)
  • Vulnerability of tropical crater lakes to water-quality loss: a natural experiment in western Uganda (Wannes De Crop, Dirk Verschuren, Ann Verdoodt)
  • Strategic erosion control in Rwanda: regional soil erosion risk assessment and integrated, participatory assessment of soil conservation strategies (Jules Rutebuka, Ann Verdoodt, Désiré Kagabo Mbarushimana)
  • Revealing urban soil properties and their spatial patterns to optimize urban soil management (Belgium) (Nele Delbecque, Ann Verdoodt)

Past doctoral research

  • Influence of Acacia plantations on soil properties, soil water balance and ecosystem services in arid lands (Tunisia) (Maarten De Boever, Wim Cornelis, Donald Gabriëls)
  • Modeling hydraulic properties for sustainable soil-water management in Syria (Muhammed Khlosi, Wim Cornelis, Donald Gabriëls)
  • Evaluating soil properties for assessing the soil structure quality under tropical and temperate conditions (Belgium, Venezuela) (Mansonia Pulido, Wim Cornelis, Donald Gabriëls)
  • Erosion processes and physical quality of loamy soils as affected by reduced tillage (Belgium) (Jan Vermang, Wim Cornelis, Donald Gabriëls)
  • Carbon sequestration and ecosystem health in a restored tropical rangeland: Assessing the effects of enclosures and grazing management (Kenya) (Stephen Mureiti, Eric Van Ranst, Ann Verdoodt)