The research group of Soil Degradation and Soil Conservation owns the expertise and equipment to quantify the various processes of soil degradation. Both rainfall simulators and a wind tunnel allow us to better understand and quantify the processes of soil erosion by wind and water. Moreover, our research group can fall back on a well-equipped laboratory to determine the most frequently used physical soil properties.


  • Wind tunnel (test section 12 x 1.2 x 1.8 m) with build-in rainfall simulator (nozzle simulator)
  • Laboratory rainfall simulator (capillary tubes)
  • Field rainfall simulator (nozzle simulator)
  • Field rainfall simulator (oscillating nozzle simulator)


  • Aggregate stability
  • Compaction: laboratorium penetrometer, penetrologger
  • Shear resistance
  • Consistency: Atterberg limits



Ann Verdoodt