MSc. Gertrude Scynthya Nirukshan

MSc. Gertrude Scynthya NirukshanAbout

Scynthya obtained her B.Sc in Agricultural Technology and Management, and her Master’s in Environmental Soil Science from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. In 2013, she started her tenure as a soil researcher at the Soils and Plant Nutrition Division of the Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka. Following the successful award of the Sandwich type scholarship given to PhD candidates of Developing countries (Special Research Fund ‘BOF’- 2017) by Ghent University, she started her PhD at SoFer under the supervision of Prof. Steven Sleutel, on improving soil fertility status of coconut plantations of Sri Lanka through application of Biochar as soil conditioner. Her research gives more emphasis on the effects of biochar on nutrient availability and plant-growth promoting soil biota.


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering