ir. Jeroen De Waele


ir. Jeroen De WaeleJeroen graduated as a MSc. in Bioscience Engineering (Land & Water Management) at Ghent University. He worked for a soil remediation consultancy company in Belgium and for Enabel in Burundi (valorisation of agricultural products) and Tanzania (production of drinking water from groundwater), before starting his work at SoFer. Jeroen has worked on several research projects funded by the Flemish Land Agency: investigating the effect of a variety of management measures on nitrate dynamics, with a focus on nitrate leaching, both at field and at catchment scale:

He also worked as a teaching assistant. Jeroen’s supervisor is prof. Stefaan De Neve.


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, room B38.11.110.017

+32 (0)9 264 60 66