Prof. dr. ir. Stefaan De Neve


Prof. dr. ir. Stefaan De Neve

Stefaan De Neve is full professor and head of the research group of Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management. He holds a master degree in tropical soil science and a PhD in agricultural and applied biological sciences, both from Ghent University. His research interests revolve around carbon, nitrogen and phophorus dynamics in soils and in the environment, including both agronomic (fertilizers, organic matter addition, nutrient use efficiency) and environmental aspects (nitrate leaching, gaseous N losses, P saturation and P losses, C sequestration). A more recent research line is about unravelling and quantifying the role of the soil meso- and microfauna in N and C cycling in soils, using realistic soil mesocosms and entire communities of organisms, rather than single species. We very recently also started research on (micro)plastics dynamics in soils.

Geographically, this research is focused on agricultural ecosystems in Belgium, Europe, and a number of (sub)tropical countries (Indonesia, Cuba, Ethiopia).

He is teaching Soil Science, Environmental Soil Science, Nutrient Management and Applied Soil Biology in bachelor and master programmes at UGent.


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Campus Coupure, room B38.11.110.019

+32 (0) 9 264 60 61