MSc. Zenia Gonzalez Giro

MSc. Zenia Gonzalez GiroAbout

Zenia holds a degree in Biology from the University of Oriente, Cuba. During her professional training, she participated in several research projects related to the formulation of plant growth biostimulants from soil rhizobacteria, leading also to her master thesis on the evaluation of soil bacteria of the genus Bacillus as biological control of phytopathogenic fungi. After graduating, she joined the Centre for Industrial Biotechnology Studies (Microbiology Department) also at the University of Oriente. In 2018, she joined the teaching staff of the Department of Soil and Water of University of Camagüey, Cuba. She was selected as PhD candidate (sandwich scholarship) in the international collaborative project "Eco-friendly multidisciplinary approaches for controlling and harnessing Marabú (Dichrostachys cinerea) in central eastern Cuba", under the supervision of Prof. Stefaan De Neve. 


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, room B38.11.110.023