Reproduction of companion animals

About us

 Prof. dr.Dr. Ann Van Soom is the head of the repro-team. We are available to treat all problems and questions concerning reproduction of your dog or cat. Important or difficult cases will be discussed in team.

Prof. dr. Ann Van Soom

Head, DVM, Dipl ECAR

Joke Lannoo


drs. Guillaume Domain

Veterinarian, doctoral student, Dipl ECAR

Penelope Banchi

Veterinarian, resident

Robby van Leeuwenberg

Veterinarian, resident


What we do

You can come to the clinic for reproduction of companion animals with your dog or cat for breeding management and diseases of the reproductive tract. Working closely with the clinic for small animals at the faculty of veterinary medicine, we can offer a high quality of our services with science-based treatments. These clinical services are combined with practical education of last year vet students at Ghent University.

Besides clinical services and education, we focus on scientific research as well. The topic of these research projects is focussed on how to improve the current treatments. Results of these studies will be published in scientific journals and presented at international conferences.