Porcine health


Theoretical and clinical education is provided in several years of the veterinary medicine curriculum. In the bachelor years (1-3) are courses concerning animal housing and veterinary public health, in the master years (4-6) are courses about reproduction, herd health management and pig production.

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IPV Coordination of the post graduate education for continuous professional development of pig veterinarians at the faculty of veterinary medicine (https://acvetmed.ugent.be/programma/varken).
Porcine veterinary medicine

 Coordination of the European accredited education “Certificate in Porcine Veterinary Medicine”.


Guidance and practical sessions

The team is responsible for the guidance of master theses related to porcine health management. We give practical sessions to veterinary students in 2nd and 3rd Master and also to non-veterinary students (bioscience, animal care). We are as well responsible for the coordination of the last year (3rd Master) specialization “Pig, poultry, rabbit and aquaculture” for students.

Residency program for the European College of Porcine Health Management (ECPHM)

The team of porcine health also offers, as the only place in Belgium, standard residency programs for the ECPHM, which is one of the different specialist colleges of the European Board of Veterinary Specialization (EBVS). Such programs involve a 3-year training (clinical training, research) at EQF level 8 (highest level in Europe, similar as PhD) for veterinarians allowing them to sit the European exam to become a European Specialist in porcine health management.