BPG-AB stands for “Beter Produceren Geen Antibiotica” or Produce better without the use of antibiotics. This project, financed by Belgian Pork Group, has a goal to reduce the antimicrobial usage on pig farms. There is as well a separate part in this project for farms where the usage is already very low. These pig farmers can choose to deliver antibiotic free pigs to the slaughterhouse.




Attention is paid to antimicrobial usage, technical results and specific problems at the farm. At each farm a biosecurity audit is performed as well. A tailored report is made afterwards with the collected data. The focus in this project is on disease prevention, biosecurity and the reduce of antimicrobial usage.




January 2018 - December 2019

Team members

  • Elise Bernaerdt

Project type

Funded by the Belgian Pork Group


Belgian Pork Group