Porcine health

General expertise

Our scientific expertise is very diverse.

The team is contacted daily for questions from research institutes, education and governmental institutions, agricultural organizations and various national and international companies about following topics:

  • infectious diseases with emphasis on diseases of the respiratory tract and economically important diseases
  • diseases with a negative effect on (re)production, fertility of male and female pigs, locomotion problems
  • factors influencing colostrum- and milk production and vitality of piglets
  • diseases relevant for public health (Salmonella), responsible use of antimicrobials, disease transmission and biosecurity

Veepeiler varken

“Veepeiler varken” is a collaboration between the faculty of veterinary medicine (Ghent University), Health Care Flanders (DGZ) and the faculty of veterinary medicine (Liège University). This is a way to provide second and third line veterinary medicine to the pig sector. “Veepeiler varken” is financially supported by “Sanitair Fonds” and supports short, practice-oriented research projects.



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