IVF lab (RBU)

In vitro fertilization (IVF or test tube fertilization)

For the production of so-called “test tube calves”, we start with immature oocytes coming from slaughtered cows.

  1. Bovine ovaries, collected at a local abattoir, are brought to the IVF lab within 4 hours after slaughter.
  2. Follicles, present on the surface of the ovary, containing oocytes, are emptied with syringe and needle.
  3. The immature oocytes collected in the follicular fluid, are selected in a petri dish. Approximately 4 to 6 suitable oocytes are collected per ovary.
  4. Fertilization takes place after one day of maturation, therefore, frozen bull semen is used. The living spermatozoa are separated from the dead and are added to the matured oocytes.
  5. One day later, cells surrounding the fertilized oocytes and the remaining spermatozoa are removed
  6. Subsequently, all presumed fertilized oocytes are transferred to the culture medium and are incubated during 7 days
  7. At day 7 post insemination, the embryo’s in morula stage (32-64 cells) or early blastocyst (120 cells) could be transferred in an acceptor cow

IVF can be applied to produce last chance embryos of high quality cows that need to be slaughtered  (e.g. in case of broken leg)



Labo microscoop