Laboratory of Integrative Metabolomics (LIMET)

UGent Diergeneeskunde luchtfoto vs. LIMET

Research aims

  • Develop and validate new metabolomics (incl. lipidomics, DNA adductomics and steroidomics) methods using hyphenated and ambient-ionization-based high-resolution mass spectrometry
  • Apply our metabolomics methods to mechanistically elucidate the exposome-health axis and improve the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, treatment and prediction of related outcomes (i.e. obesity, food allergy, endocrinological function, cancer, etc.) in humans and animals
  • Integrate metabolomics with other (omics) data (clinical, microbiome, diet, drug intake, psychological, etc.)  to advance towards metabolome-driven personalized and preventive medicine
  • Transcending metabolomics from the lab to the production line or field, from the bench to the bedside