Jarno Stappers

Jarno StappersBiography

Jarno Stappers obtained the degrees of Bachelor in Business Management (Accounting and Taxation) at Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen in 2013 and obtained the degrees of Master in Business Administration (Corporate Finance) at Ghent University in 2016. In August 2016, he started as a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Departement of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Service Management under the supervision of Prof. dr. Petra Andries. His research is focused on drawing attention to the positive implications of personality traits (e.g. ADHD) commonly seen as negative and entrepreneurial behavior/action. Specifically, his doctoral research sheds light on the question whether individuals with ADHD are well-equipped to successfully start, manage and grow new ventures.


Research interests

  • Personality traits of entrepreneur
  • Psychology of the entrepreneur
  •  Entrepreneurial behavior