Katia Levecque

BiographyKatie Levecque

Katia Levecque is Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology of Ghent University and Promotor of ECOOM UGent (Centre of Expertise on Research & Development – Unit HR in Research). Her research focuses on employment relations, occupational wellbeing and performance, HR in academia (e.g. wellbeing and mental health of academics, leadership, team functioning) and careers of PhD holders both inside and outside of academia. Special attention is paid to issues of diversity (gender, age, ethnicity, disability). Her research is interdisciplinary, fusing insights from sociology, psychology, psychiatry and political economy. Most research is done from a multilevel approach (micro-meso-macro). Consistent with her interdisciplinary approach, research is published in academic journals from a range of disciplines (e.g. Research Policy, Journal of Health & Social Behavior, Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology, Journal of Affective Disorders, Social Science & Medicine).


  • Employment relations
  • Occupational wellbeing and performance
  • HR in academia
  • Careers of PhD holders (in/out academia)
  • Diversity management