Saar Van Lysebetten

Saar Van LusebettenBiography

Saar Van Lysebetten started working at the Department of Personnel Management, Work & Organizational Psychology of Ghent University in 2013 as a scientific researcher. Together with Prof. dr. Frederik Anseel and colleagues she worked on two Research & Development projects. The first project was in collaboration with CREAX and focused on the development and validation of the simulation test for measuring professionals' ability to innovate. The second project, 'Technopreneurship voor iedereen', was funded by the Flemish government. This project aimed to encourage and develop technological entrepreneurship among the students of Ghent University through technopreneurial education initiatives. During this project the assessment tool Hunchup was developed to measure a student's entrepreneurial potential. In 2015 Saar started a PhD in collaboration with and funded by a Baekeland mandate from the Flemish Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT). Her doctoral research focuses on the effectiveness of games and simulation training to train implicit knowledge in innovation challenges


Research interests

  • Entrepreneurial Potential
  • Innovation in teams
  • Training of innovation skills