Interplay between Engagement, Experience, and Value Co-Creation

The Center for Service Intelligence – Ghent University (CSI-UGent) teams up with (inter)national researchers to gain insight into the complex interplay between engagement, experiences, and value, by which Service-Dominant Logic serves as a source of inspiration. Specific research projects of the CSI-UGent team relate to:

  • Actor engagement and experience management in the context of high-tech services  and high-contact services
  • Multi-actor engagement and value co-creation in the context of the transformative services, including the transition to a circular economy
  • Customization and personalization as engagement and experience management strategy
  • Customer perceived value and value co-creation in complex ecosystems

CSI-UGent offers advice to organizations with the ambition to engage a multitude of actors in service innovation, transformative services, and the shift towards a circular economy and improve their experiences and the perceived value.