Service Technologies: Digital, Mobile and Beyond

The Center for Service Intelligence – Ghent University (CSI-UGent) has specific expertise in the field of new service technologies, such as self-service, digital service, mobile services, AI-based services, robot services, 3D-printing services, smart services, and service platforms.

  • The CSI-UGent team keeps track of technological/digital evolutions
  • The CSI-UGent team provides insight into the conditions under which different actors – such as customers, employees, organizations, inter-organizational networks, and governments – engage with these technologies
  • The CSI-UGent team explores the implications of service technologies for customer/employee well-being and organizational/network/system performance

CSI-UGent is at the disposal of organizations interested in gaining insight into the technological readiness of their customers and/or employees and the organizational implications of implementing new service technologies.